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Disability Accommodation Service

Our accommodation and tenancy assistance NDIS starts with the person’s wishes, then works back to design the support. This provides people with choice and control over the help they receive. We create tailored disability service plans for each person based on their hopes and dreams. We facilitate families’ active role in developing ideas for their relatives.

By actively involving families in planning, we ensure a holistic and person-centered approach to disability services. Through open communication and ongoing feedback, we continuously adapt and refine our plans to provide the highest satisfaction and empowerment for all individuals involved.


Our Disability Accommodation Team

Our Disability accommodation team supports you to:

Your Life, Your Way

With years of expertise in disability accommodation service in Melbourne, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to ensure your unique requirements are met. We strive to provide tailored accommodation and comprehensive support, empowering you to exercise freedom and make choices that enhance your quality of life.

Why Choose Our Disability Accommodation Service Melbourne?

Person-centered Approach

We prioritize your preferences and aspirations to create a customized support plan.

Accessible facilities

Our top priority is to create an inclusive and barrier-free environment for disabled people.

Social and Recreational Activities

We promote social interaction and engagement for individuals with disabilities.