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Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety


Assistive Products

Our assistive products for personal care and safety NDIS are designed for individuals with a disability or special needs. The products and equipment meet NDIS standards, providing comfort and a safe and secure environment. The products and equipment are safe and available to all NDIS program participants.

Our safety equipment includes specialized harnesses and support systems tailored to individual requirements. We prioritize user-friendly designs, ensuring ease of use for people of all abilities. Our team is dedicated to assisting NDIS participants in selecting the most suitable safety solutions.

What Our Services Cover


Quality, Compassion and Peace of Mind

Our caregivers are highly skilled and deeply compassionate individuals. They are devoted to enhancing the lives of disabled individuals by providing NDIS personal care services. Our team members undergo rigorous training and thorough background checks to ensure your loved one’s safety and well-being.

Why Choose Our NDIS Personal Care Services?

Customized Services

We offer customized NDIS personal care services to meet each participant’s requirements.

Our Supportive Team 

Our support team of experts visits the participants from the comfort of their homes to assist them.

Comprehensive Assessment

We perform a comprehensive assessment to provide a reliable and qualified disability support worker.