Merri Community Services

Discover a world of empowerment with Merri Community Services. We aim to provide top-notch support services for individuals with disabilities. From personalized care plans to inclusive community programs, we are here to ensure a fulfilling and inclusive life for all.

Our Services

Transport Support

Our service offers seamless transportation solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring safe, reliable, and travel experiences.

Assistive Products Household Tasks

Our range of assistive products includes adaptive utensils, ergonomic tools, and personal care and hygiene devices.

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination service empowers you to navigate your unique journey by unlocking possibilities with confidence and compassion.

Plan Management

Effortlessly navigate your path to success with our Plan Management service. We ensure your goals are achieved with precision and ease.

Group / Centre Based Activities

Unleash your potential and connect with like-minded individuals through our engaging and transformative group activities.

Assistance with Daily Living

Experience freedom and support with our Assistance with Daily Living service, empowering you to succeed in every moment.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Discover inclusive living solutions with our Specialist Disability Accommodation service. We provide individuals with disabilities a supportive environment.

Interpret and Translate

Bridge language barriers with our professional service, ensuring effective communication and understanding for individuals with diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Household Tasks

At Merri Community Services, we understand that your time is precious and well-being is essential. That's why we go above and beyond to simplify household tasks.

Assistive products for personal care and safety

Discover a diverse selection of NDIS-approved personal care and safety products. These products support individuals in their daily routines.

Accommodation and Tenancy

Secure your ideal lifestyle with our Accommodation​ Service. We provide personalized assistance for individuals to find and maintain suitable accommodations that meet their needs.

Community Participation Activities

We provide opportunities for disabled people to connect with their loved ones. Our professionals enable them to embark on an incredible personal growth journey.